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The EAFACI was organized in October 7, 2010. When two Frederick Fekade Woldemariam and James Patrick Farrar, both while living in Los Angeles, Ca. met and determined through the inspiration and motivation of Mr. Woldemariam's stories of his struggles and escape from the war torn Ethiopia which he encountered just to arrive at a place of instruction and education in his own country of Ethiopia that he should began his journey, forged in empathy for the purpose of lessening the sufferings of the little children of Ethiopia.

Education Access for African Children Inc. is the motive power that helps educate the children where every child deserves a quality education. We believe that caring for children is the key for human progress, and together we can make a difference.


Limited funds and a lack of adequate teachers, classrooms, and learning materials adversely affect the educational environment throughout most of the country. Education Access for African Children Inc. will focus on increasing access to quality basic education through; supplying textbooks, tuition assistance, educational material and teacher training programs.

Education Access for African Children Inc. will also focus on combatting the high health risk of cholera, in rural farming communities of Ethiopia, by generating funding that will be used to establish and sustain water purification equipment, thereby providing safe drinking water to individuals in various communities.


The mission of Education Access for African Children Inc. is to help children reach their potential by increasing primary and secondary school enrollment and the number of well-qualified teachers, while improving the quality of education in the suburban and rural areas of Ethiopia.


  • Girls & Boys Tuition Assistance Program
  • Parent & community involvement
  • Textbooks & school supply donations
  • Teacher recruitment & training programs
  • Water purification programs