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Board Members

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Elilita Geletu (Co-Director)

Elilita is currently a student at California State University, long Beach and is passionate about improving the lives of children. She has been a long- time supporter of children??s issues and have been working on different projects to fundraise and allow the organization to reach out to different non-profit organizations and people to make the purpose of this organization valuable by allowing childrent of Africa get access to Education

Mesra Temam (Co-Director)

Born and raised in Jimma Agaro Ethiopia, Misra completed her elementary and High school in her hometown and went to different parts of Ethiopia to complete her higher education. The passionate and strong woman didn't give up on her education even if it was hard for her to further her education so succeeded all the struggle and difficulties and graduated with law degree and is Currently working for ET. Government.

Amelmal Alemu (Co-Director)

Born and raised in Gonder, Ethiopia, Amelmal moved to Addis Ababa in seek of better education at an early age and completed her elementary and High school in the capital city of Ethiopia. although the opportunity that amelmal was offered was not satisfactory the woman took anything that was offered to her as an opportunity and further succeeded in her education and earned her Accounting degree from Unity University College in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Tewabech Ayalneh (Co-Director)

After completing her Elementary and secondary education in Miskayahizunane Medhanialem Monastery. The passionate young women and Alumni of Addis Ababa University graduate earned her bachelor's degree in Finance and Developmental Economics and dedicated herself not only to work with her profession but help others in need of basic necessities. As she mentioned the most important thing in her life is religious believe, moral value & respect for elders. Her motto in life is ????if you want something, work hard & you will achieve it; there are no shortcuts.

Seble Tadesse (Co-Director)

Born and Raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Seble completed her early education Kennedy elementary school and completed high school at Shimelis Habte Secondary School. After completing her secondary education, she went to Unity engineering college to earn her profession and help better the lives of many children that have not got the opportunity as hers.

Kabtamua Werku (Co-Director)

As a director for EAFAC, overseas programs . She's responsible for the development of new programs and program sites, as well as the recruitment, development, and ongoing management of her community and country. Born and raised in Eastern Harrar region of Ethiopia and, Kabtamua graduated with a degree in Nursing, and spent her first year out of college serving the needs of those less fortunate. After a year with EAFAC in Harrar, she joined the team in Addis Ababa as our organization coordinator. Kabtamua is passionate about the value of our organization volunteering and is committed to ensuring EAFAC volunteers have a positive impact on our organizations in the field.